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How to Calculate the Battery of UPS Power Supply

Now in the whole market, there are many types of UPS power storage batteries sold, and different brands of UPS power supply have different corresponding uses.

Users who choose to purchase UPS power supply will consult this type of UPS power supply and how long the specific power supply time is. Usually, how long the UPS battery supply to the load is mainly determined by the load power of the load equipment to the UPS power supply and the total capacity of the UPS battery. If the demand for UPS power supply is longer, then the number of batteries in UPS power supply should be added accordingly.

When some users use UPS power supply, they don't know the relevant matters needing attention and will blindly pursue long-term use. In fact, it is not the longer the power supply time of UPS power supply, the better. The main reason is that when the backup time of high-power UPS power supply is longer, hundreds of batteries will be formed to supply power, and then many batteries will be used in series and parallel. Each battery, related to the whole system, is a fault unit.

UPS power supply consists of main engine and battery. The time delay (power supply) depends on the capacity of the batteries and the load. Normalized batteries can only be used to deal with urgent affairs after power interruption for about 5 minutes. When the demand is delayed for a long time, the merchants will check and confirm it according to the specific time of the delay, such as 2 hours and 4 hours.

Confirmation of the extension time refers to the time when the battery can be powered at full load. For example, it can supply power for 2 hours at full load and 4 hours at half load.





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